Natural Healing

2 days Healing Retreat

  • Beautiful healing event in nature, using powerful methods to alter mind and spirit. 
  • Applying ancient technique like healing circle and stone circles to come in contact with nature in the most beautiful sense. 
  • 2 days to alter awareness and create a deep sense of healing. Entering higher realms of existence, bringing them back into ordinary life. 
  • Deeply respectful and „friendship“ experience.
  • Intense Nature Experience. Personal Healing Event.

Matthias Hartl

Matthias is personal author, anthropologist and „consiousness engineer“, making science of higher realms possible. Loves unity of mind, spirit and nature to evolve into something higher than usual existance makes us think to be. Its Real – Its here – Its within us.


You will receive e-mail soon after your request with detailed information. Your seat is reservated for 3 weeks after initial deposit of 250 € is made. Payment can be made until 3 weeks before the seminar. You will hear from us about the seminar, the place and arrival through e-mail.

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